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how do i submit audio?!?!?!

2007-12-09 21:08:23 by ruinnewb

how do i submit audio!?!?!?
i went to submit content, then audio, then clicked submit on my song, and said
submited succsesfully and its been 4 days and it says i havent submited any audio!
i tried again, still did not work! somewone please help!

how do i submit audio?!?!?!


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2007-12-09 21:09:18

aarghaaaagh.....bleeeeeargh what?!

ruinnewb responds:

lol! how do i put songs on NG?!?!?


2007-12-10 12:24:49

you're doin it right, the AP is just a little glitchy sometimes like the rest of the site.

ruinnewb responds:

thank you very much kind sir.


2007-12-11 22:55:22

If it's your first song, give it at most 1 week before it's loaded.

(Updated ) ruinnewb responds:



2008-03-19 00:02:47

Omgz dont submit audio or u might be banned! O_o